Game Changing Strategies to Plan, Shape and Transform Your Career

5 Things You Need To Know Before Changing Companies

At Smart Real Estate Careers we take the time to understand of your “book of business”,  your career goals and objectives. For example, you may determine your primary interest in changing firms is to increase your average transaction price, expand into a new property market, or affiliate with a firm having a mix of professional talent that is more in alignment with your professional goals.

We then use objective RDS data to carefully study the production and profile of firms and most effective branches and managers to narrow your search to those organizations which will best help you to meet your career goals and objectives. These additional data points include –

  • Current market share strengths and weaknesses in the most relevant markets and price points within your target markets.
  • Historical market share measures to compare organizational or office production trends to marketplace benchmarks.
  • Production cultures, including Per-License Productivity metrics, which help you to better understand how you will fit in to the mix of producing agents.
  • Agent migration patterns, to better understand growing and contracting organizations and how these factors may influence your decision, and — most importantly — your business future.

We combine our understanding of what you plan to accomplish, with RDS objective third party data about you and prospective organizations to narrow your possible affiliations to the best of many. We then use your performance profile to position you in the strongest negotiation position and help you navigate through the transition process.


“You do better when you know better.”

Maya Angelou

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