Overcoming Your Fear Of Change Could Be The Key To Your Next Career Breakthrough

If you’ve been thinking about changing real estate companies, chances are you have been thinking about it for a while.  When considering a move, ask yourself this question: Is my move triggered by a desire to move away from my current situation OR am I driven by a relentless search for THE company that will partner to help catapult me to achieving my goals.

The answer to this question can greatly impact your outcome. I find that agents who are moving toward their goals make the most successful transitions, assuming of course that transitioning agents have a crystal clear understanding of what they want to accomplish both personally and professionally. This is important because these well-defined goals become the yardstick with which to measure not only their current company but the all of the companies they are considering.


It is not enough to aspire to become the dominant agent or to become a top listing agent.  Effective goal setting is precise.  This includes:

  • Knowing what you want to accomplish and why
  • Determining timeframes for reaching your goals
  • Quantifying and creating a plan that includes significant milestones along the way
  • Making timely course corrections to insure you are on track to completion

For example:  you have decided that your number one priority is to spend more time with your family and you determine that the way to this is to create a source of passive income by acquiring an investment property within the next two years. You determine the amount of money you will need to invest in this venture, translate this into the number of additional transactions you will need to close over the next two years. The next step is to determine whether or not this goal can be met while working at your current company.

Let’s say that you currently close 15 transactions and you determine that you will need to close 25 transactions per year over the next 2 years in order to acquire an investment property that will give you enough positive cash flow to achieve your goal. You now have a quantifiable goal and a yard stick against which to gauge the likelihood that you can achieve this goal at your current company vs. moving to a new company.

Taking Your Goal Setting One Step Further:

If you determine that your preferred method for gaining the 10 additional transactions is by becoming a more effective farming agent, your chances of landing in a company that can support your goal will be greatly increased if you identify companies where farming agents are thriving. Using unbiased market data to identify the companies that are most effectively supporting farming agents should be an important part of your decision about which companies to consider. In navigating through the interview and due diligence process you will want to explore in detail, specifically how, potential companies support farming agents. For example are there organized systems and processes in place that can be used to duplicate their success? If so, how can I access these processes and what kind of commitment is the company willing to make to help me achieve my goals.

Smart Real Estate Careers Counselors help provide the framework to guide you to the right companies and help you navigate through the interview and due diligence process throughout your selection and transition processes.

An independent counselor who is 100% focused on your goals can help you objectively evaluate offers and value packages from completing companies. Counselors are not vested in which company you select because they are not compensated by companies but by agents, their sole focus is on helping you make a decision that’s right for you.

Are You Too Busy Running Your Business to Mastermind Your Change?

I find that successful agents are too busy working at their business to analyze all of their options and plan a successful transition to a new company. Additionally, the resources necessary to make a critical decision about which company can best support their short and long term career goals have not been available and easily accessible until now. A recent survey of productive agents who changed real estate companies showed that the number one factor that agents based their decision about which company to join was the opinion of other agents. In fact, 42% of agents surveyed indicated that they learned about the company they selected from other agents. While consulting with agents is smart, it should be one component in the decision making process.  Smart Real Estate Careers replaces the uncertainty of changing companies with guidance, unbiased market data, analytics and expertise to empower agents to move boldly forward.


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